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The painter chooses for purely figurative work.
People have a natural tendency to try to explain the world arround them. People strive to bring order to chaos. It seems that so-called modern progressive art often does the reverse: they stress the absurd, create chaos, worry people. It seems painfully obvious that, if art is a reflection of what is happening in society, society is very sick. People, who are society, are therefore not spared: Depression is one of the most common diseases in our Western society. In these modern times, where we are constantly showed all negative behaviors, often by the media, the main message that art can bring, is the beauty of the art itself (art for the art as opposed to art for the title).
It is often said that beauty is a matter of taste. But just as we notice that something horrible smells or has a delicious odor, we can distinguish pretty from ugly easily. Actually, it is part of our genes. For example, people prefer a certain symmetry in a vision, to name just one. Of course there is a difference in what people find the most beautiful, or the most ugly.
More than ever there is need for beauty. Hopefully after a century of ugliness we can finally find appreciation for beauty again.
After all: "A thing of beauty is a joy forever" (Keats)
Representation by Agora Gallery, New York City (US)

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